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A Statement On The Current NHL European TV Deal

Dear European hockey fans,

I know you are all as frustrated as I am with the NHL, Medge, AMI and ESPN America.

As I write this we only have 4 days till the season starts and still no official word on when we can expect a TV deal to be finalised.

As some of you will know I’ve been trying to orchestrate a campaign in the last month through Facebook and Twitter with the sole intention of making our presence felt by these companies.

In the last couple of days there have been a few encouraging signs with the NHL and ESPN responding to a few tweets and emails sent by fans. Far better than the stonewalling or just being ignored, that a lot of us have endured!

The only small crumb of comfort from this debacle is that the NHL has forced into making “Game Center Live” available to fans worldwide.

I understand that online coverage is not desired or accessible by all of you but it’s a positive move by the NHL.

I would like to echo the feelings of Brad in the last podcast regarding this situation.

The NHL are least to blame, although they are still culpable.

Medge and AMI have been trying to sell our product in the wrong manner and for way too much money.

I only blame the NHL in allowing this situation to manifest itself and rumble on far too close to the start of the season.

They will sort it out one way or another and let’s hope they learn from this in the future.

I implore you all to keep the pressure on these companies, whether through Tweeting, Facebook or Email

You can follow the latest information and join our campaign on Facebook on the page “No NHL on TV in Europe for 2011-12 season” and I have a blog on wordpress.com under the username “markukleaf” which is also my handle on twitter.

Mark Rackham


PucksATP would like to thank Mark for this statement, which is also read out on the upcoming podcast. If you want discuss the situation then visit our FORUM

Twitter: Hastag for campaign is #nhltvdeal4europe + @EuropeanNHLFans @markukleaf

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